Lighting Equipment

Our lights have the capability of rendering just about any color you can think up, to match the scheme, look, or feel for your event. We carry a wide range of lighting fixtures from LEDs to moving heads, large to small. Between our some 350 lights we can supply you the right light to meet your needs. 

If you're tired of the same old boring walls in your ballroom, add some texture with gobos. We have access to hundreds of patterns and images that can be projected on any surface, and if none of them suit you, we can create a custom gobo that works for you.

Want to give your show that "rock concert" flair? Ask about our atmospheric capabilities. We have one the industry's most powerful foggers as well as the Broadway standard for hazers.

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ISI were the first in the St. Louis area to carry the new Martin MAC Viper Fixture. Outputting over 25,000 lumens, the Viper is quickly becoming a new industry standard for productions. Producing events that are both economically and environmentally friendly is becoming increasingly important. Anticipating this growing effort, Ironman continually invests in newer, efficient LED lighting technology like the Martin MAC Quantum Profile, Martin MAC Aura and Chauvet WELL FLEX. There isn't much point in having the latest and greatest in fixtures if you can't exploit all their great features. That's why we utilize Avolite's most versatile lighting consoles, the Pearl Expert and Tiger Touch with Titan software. Just looking for the classic rock concert vibe? We have both 120k and 60k conventional lighting packages, as well as a surplus of ellipsoidals for gobo projections. Add some atmosphere to your atmosphere with our MDG Atmosphere Hazer or Martin 2000 fogger. We also have a number of mirror balls for that old school, disco vibe.